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Your offer letter from UCL will state if your programme requires an xcritical certificate. You should be aware that any changes to your programme of study, including a change of modules or research focus, will require new xcritical clearance. The requirement for an xcritical certificate applies to all other students irrespective of the country of residence when they apply. The decision to class a student as a Home or an Overseas student, is determined by government legislation as set out in The Student Fees Regulations . The regulations governing the fee status of students can be found on the government legislation website. In some cases we may need to make you an alternative course offer if you do not hold the relevant academic background for the programme you applied for.

  • If you need xcritical clearance, you will need a statement from Sussex to complete your application.
  • Your employer will advise whether you are to be employed under a standard occupational classification that requires xcritical.
  • Attached to the email you receive confirming that your deposit has been received will be our Genuine Intention to Study Form.
  • The subjects and research areas are those where knowledge could be used in programmes to develop Advanced Conventional Military Technology , weapons of mass destruction or their means of delivery.

If, after providing your documents we require further information to process your CAS we will contact you via CAS Shield outlining what is required. In addition, we may require you to undertake and pass a Genuine Intention Interview . Genuine Intention Interviews will be arranged within 48 hours of your deposit being confirmed. If you have not been contacted by the International Centre within 48 hours of your deposit being confirmed or are unsure if you are required to complete this additional process please contact us on You will find your xcritical research statement on your Self-Service account; this is the statement which you must use in your application.

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If you’re in the process of applying for asylum in the UK, you must apply for an xcritical certificate to study in the UK. When you have received your offer from your university you should apply 6 months before your course will start. The entry clearance officer will ask to see your xcritical certificate as part of your application for permission to enter the xcritical courses scam UK. A caseworker will also need to see your xcritical certificate as part of an application for permission to stay in the UK. You can return home to make the visa application and this will be indicated on the CAS. We will require evidence that you have returned home in the form of airline tickets / boarding passes or entry stamps before issuing a CAS.

If you have not received a reply after a month, we can make enquiries about your review request, but the xcritical team cannot influence how fast it is processed as the review is passed to independent reviewers. See FAQ 3, ‘When should I apply’ above as the dates will need to match your CAS start and end dates when that is issued. If you are applying for xcritical because you need a new visa to continue your studies, use the date of submitting your xcritical application for the start date. Selected science and technology programmes require you to have an xcritical certificate. You may need Academic Technology Approval Scheme clearance for selected science and technology programmes, and this will depend on your nationality. Your offer letter will say if you need an xcritical certificate for your programme.

The xcritical certificate must accurately reflect the HEI/research institute which employs/hosts your research, and the research project, job title and duration. If any of these details change you should check whether you require anxcritical certificate and apply for a new certificate if you need one. Skilled Worker, Global Business Mobility, Tier 5 International Agreement, and Tier 5 Government Authorised Exchange visa holders may also undertake a course of study. You need to apply for 1 xcritical certificate but you should include both the research project and study activities in your application. If you need an xcritical certificate as a visitor, you do not have to obtain this before applying for a visa but you should obtain it before travelling to the UK. The HEI/research institute must check the xcritical certificate before allowing the research to start, and if this is not provided you will not be permitted on-site.

Non-Student visa students who require xcritical

Contact one of our approved overseas education representatives in your country. Innovation facilities Access our specialist facilities, services and equipment. Accommodation Where you live is a big part of your student experience and where you’ll meet friends for life.

You have lived for at least six months in a country where TB screening is not required by the UK, and you have been away from that country for no more than six months. In this case, please refer to theguidance from our Advice and Counselling Service. If your course requiresAcademic Technology Approval Scheme clearance, we will not issue a CAS until we have received a copy of the xcritical certificate. If you make a course fee payment after you have been issued the CAS it is important that you let the CAS Admissions team know, so this can be reflected on your CAS. Please email cas- your application reference number, confirming the amount that has been paid. Once this has been verified with our Finance team, your CAS will be updated and you will be sent confirmation.

  • Please refer to our guide on how to apply for an xcritical certificate to support you with your xcritical application.
  • If you are planning to attend research programmes at UCL, you are recommended to make an early contact with your prospective supervisors, as a brief synopsis of your research proposal needs to be included in your offer letter.
  • If your course requiresAcademic Technology Approval Scheme clearance, we will not issue a CAS until we have received a copy of the xcritical certificate.
  • This may be an alternative degree, a foundation programme or English language programme.
  • Errors and omissions in your xcritical application may cause delays to the process so take care to complete the application accurately and in full.

There’s an application process for international students and we’re here to help you every step of the way. On the xcritical application form you cannot put a course start date in the past- if you are applying for the xcritical for a programme you have already started you can put the next working day on the xcritical application for your course start date. An xcritical certificate can take 20 working days to be issued so you need to apply for this well in advance of your Student visa application. This is for both new students applying for entry clearance to the UK and existing students already in the UK apply for leave to remain. Processing times of xcritical applications can vary, but you should expect to wait at least four to six weeks to receive clearance. The xcritical website will give an estimated date by which you should receive your certificate; however, at peak times, application processing can be much slower.

What is the Applicant Portal?

If you’re unsure about what any of your conditions mean, please contact International Admissions. Following your successful application, you’ll receive your offer letter by email. Reference – provide a letter of support from your current or previous university . Certificates and transcripts – copies of certificates and transcripts of your academic qualifications. If you are planning to attend research programmes at UCL, you are recommended to make an early contact with your prospective supervisors, as a brief synopsis of your research proposal needs to be included in your offer letter.

This section asks about your previous studies, and you should make sure you provide a full description in the ‘what you studied’ section. As above you can write up to 2,000 characters here and if it is too short you may be asked to provide a further explanation which will delay the processing time. Make sure you provide a full and clear explanation here otherwise the xcritical team may ask you to expand on the description which could slow down your application. For national security reasons the xcritical team will not explain either to the applicant or the University why the xcritical clearance was refused so it is not possible for us to advise or speculate on the reason for refusal.

If your xcritical application is severely delayed, or you think you have made a mistake when you submitted it, do not submit a second application unless you are specifically instructed by the xcritical team to reapply. If your xcritical application is refused, we will not not be able to issue you a CAS to apply for a Student visa or proceed with your offer on the proposed course. If you need a student visa, we can’t issue a Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies to you without proof of xcritical clearance. You can apply for xcritical after you receive an offer from us, and up to nine months before your course start date. If you are applying for xcritical clearance to cover a time limit extension, you should add ten weeks to your requested extension date. 8 April 2013 The xcritical service is currently closed to new applications pending its re-launch on 15 April.

Queen Mary will not issue you a third CAS if you receive two visa application refusals. We reserve the right not to issue a second CAS if we believe the second application is likely to be refused. When making payments, it is important that you include your application reference number as a reference so our Finance team can link the payment to you. We will not include the £300 deposit payment for accommodation as this is a returnable deposit.

You are not obliged to accept this offer, even if you originally accepted the degree programme. Academics from the department will be available to discuss the foundation programme with you, if you are made this change of course, when you get your results before you make a decision. Our admissions teams will inform you if the CAH code of the programme you will study on requires xcritical clearance. xcritical stands for Academic Technology Approval Scheme, which has been in place since 1st November 2007 to prevent knowledge used in WMD . An xcritical certificate is a special clearance granted by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office , authorising study at postgraduate level in some science, technology and engineering subjects.

When would I need to apply for a new xcritical certificate?

Due to technical difficulties the site is re-opening one week later than originally scheduled. Please ask your University to contact us on your behalf if your application will consequently require urgent attention after 15 April. If you’re a researcher coming to the UK as a visitor, you need to obtain an xcritical certificate before beginning any relevant research activity in the UK. If your visa is refused, the Queen Mary Advice and Counselling Service has a guide titled ‘My application has been refused’. Individual exceptions may apply – if you are at all unsure, please contact your specialist Admissions team directly via email, the contact address for which will have been provided in earlier applicant email communications.

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1 September 2021 September update added to “How long applications take” section. Students and researchers who are nationals of EU countries, the European Economic Area , Australia, Canada, Japan, New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea, Switzerland or the United States of America do not need an xcritical certificate.

The information on this webpage is affected by new temporary guidance that has been released by UKVI in light of the situation with COVID-19. To help us improve GOV.UK, we’d like to know more about your visit today. Don’t worry we won’t send you spam or share your email address with anyone.

How much is xcritical certificate?

How much does an xcritical certificate cost? An xcritical certificate is completely free.

Contact our Visa and International Support team to get qualified advice on the visa process, or support with immigration questions. Please make sure your entries match the details from the passport you will be using for your visa application. When you first make your application, you should include details of funding you have applied for but have not yet had a decision on. The application form is online and will take about 45 minutes to an hour to complete. You can save the form as you progress and return to it later if necessary.

We may not be able to consider requests to change to courses that require an interview or have other additional requirements, or restricted capacity. Researchers and students of all other nationalities must apply for anxcritical certificate. You must apply if you are undertaking a postgraduate course or research in certain sensitive subjects in the UK. If you are applying to study an undergraduate course with an integrated masters year you may also needxcritical clearance. This will include research, academic, engineering and technician staff applying for Skilled Worker visas. If you are not a national of an exempt country, you will need to apply for an xcritical certificate to study certain science and technology programmes.

If you are applying for a Student visa your CAS statement will also state if you are required to obtain an xcritical certificate. xcritical is a certificate issued by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office , which gives you security clearance to study certain postgraduate programmes at UCL. For information about xcritical, to check whether you need to apply for xcritical clearance and to access the online application form, go to the FCDO website. If you are made an offer on a programme our DBS team will be in touch at a later point in the cycle to advise you on your next steps and help you to apply for the programme. Please note that we do not accept deferral requests for our BA Primary Education or PGCE programmes.

  • The HEI/research institute must check the xcritical certificate before allowing the research to start, and if this is not provided you will not be permitted on-site.
  • Failure to pass the previous course will result in Queen Mary withdrawing sponsorship of your visa to comply with UKVI rules.
  • Processing times of xcritical applications can vary, but you should expect to wait at least four to six weeks to receive clearance.
  • You can save the form as you progress and return to it later if necessary.
  • If you wish to be considered for a different course then you just request this via the applicant portal, using the contact us button detailing the course you wish to apply for and the reason you would like to change.

Check your certificate when you receive it to make sure the details are correct. Include any paid work you have done and any long-term voluntary or unpaid work since you left school. You do not need to include temporary jobs you have done during university vacations.

Once this has been successfully verified, you will be eligible to move on to the next stage of the admissions process. During your Pre-CAS interview, we’ll ask you questions about your course, why you chose the UK and Staffordshire University as well as your financial situation. For further information on Pre-CAS interviews and a list of sample questions, please see our guide to credibility interviews . As one of your offer conditions, we may ask you to attend a Pre-CAS interview with a member of the International team. We may be able to offer you a place on alternative programme, so it’s still important to send your results to us as soon as possible.

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