During the vitro follicle incubation having radiolabeled steroid precursors

Fish and you will testing

During the spawning year (later booleaf wrasse was basically caught by the hook up and range when you look at the coastal waters nearby the Fisheries Look Lab, Kyushu University and transferred to the fresh research. Seafood were stored in five hundred-litre fiberglass tanks that have filtered seawater, below absolute go out-duration and liquids temperature, and you can fed krill and you will live hermit crab once a day. Immediately after confirming every day spawning, cuatro–six people seafood (body weight – grams, complete duration 11step 3–159 mm) was indeed tested within , , , and you will hour. Fish was indeed anesthetized having dos-phenoxyethanol (three hundred ppm), and you may blood examples was accumulated regarding caudal boat having fun with syringes installing having twenty-five-grams to possess 20 min. Brand new separated serum is stored at ?30°C up to assayed to own steroid height. Immediately after bloodstream testing, seafood was basically killed by decapitation, plus the ovaries were dissected aside. Getting ovarian histology, quick ovarian fragments had been fixed inside Bouin’s provider, dried, and you will embedded inside Technovit resin (Kulzer, Wehrheim). This new developmental stages from oocytes was prior to now stated (Matsuyama et al., 1998b).

New developmental values of the premier oocytes throughout the seafood amassed in the , , and you may hr was basically tertiary yolk (TY), early migratory nucleus (EMN), and you will later migratory nucleus (LMN) grade, correspondingly. (más…)

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