Their sex sessions are always adventurous and stimulating, as both can’t stand routine or boredom

Aries & Sagittarius – primitive

The best match for Aries would be Sagittarius. Their match-up is known to be very primal in nature, having a dramatic and almost maddeningly passionate experience.

Scorpio & Scorpio – powerful and intense

The only worthy match of a sexual partner for a Scorpio is another Scorpio. Think of the darkest depths passion can have…a Scorpio couple will take it further. When they come together it is a storm of devotion and ecstasy which leads to tgpersonals review powerful sexual chemistry. Think of the smutty and sultry vampire books, full of undying passion and dark erotic fantasies.

Capricorn & Virgo – fiery and wild

These earth signs match in energy as they will only fully submerge in sex when they are with a worthy partner, but when they do it is unleashing, and both give all their energy to pleasing the other. When these two find one another and put down their shields, fireworks of passion will be exploding all night long. (más…)

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